Designer Direct Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions for the Designer Direct program.

  1. 1. Only companies or persons related to the furniture trade may register.
  2. 2. Your business must be located in the state of Arizona or New Mexico (north of I40 including all of Albuquerque metro area).
  3. 3. You must have a current resale certificate for the state of Arizona or New Mexico.
  4. 4. All orders must be submitted to Designer Direct and be paid in full before it will be submitted to the factory.
  5. 5. Designer Direct will choose the freight carrier for all orders.
  6. 6. All orders will ship complete. Freight cost is determined by the items on your purchase order. You must use separate purchase orders if you want items to ship separate.
  7. 7. Once the order is in process by the manufacturer, it cannot be changed or canceled.
  8. 8. There are no refunds allowed once an order is in process with the manufacturer.
  9. 9. Freight damages must be claimed immediately. Designers are responsible to inform Designer Direct of any damages and to make sure appropriate images are taken. Any physical damage to the packaging must be noted on the freight carriers paperwork or there are no freight claim opportunities. Concealed damages have a 15-day window to prosecute. You are responsible for taking digital images of the original packaging, opened with the concealed damage visible, a full shot of the items and carton images of all sides. There are no exceptions to this policy. Make your receiving manager aware of this requirement. Damaged items cannot be delivered to the end user, without prior written permission from Designer Direct. Any leveling, repair of minor scrapes and dusting, is the responsibility of the designer.

Click the link below to begin registration. To register by email please send us a copy of your current resale license as well as your company information and receiving warehouse of your choice to